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About us 

Who are we?

Zemia Media SL is a television and film production company from Spain, specialized in science documentaries. It is our firm belief that science in itself is interesting, and that the main concepts of science must reach the public at large, for everyone to benefit.

Earth Science

Our main focus is Earth Science. By Earth Science we mean all the scientific disciplines that help advance the knowledge of our home planet and the way it works as a system. The most obvious Earth Sciences are Geology, that deals with the solid Earth, and Geography that deals with the interaction with humans and societies and everything relating to spatial configurations. Other Earth Sciences would be those that deal with the aquatic part of the planet, or Oceanography (and in some way also hydrology) and Meteorology, that studies the atmosphere around the planet. It is also said that Astronomy would be an additional Earth Science, as could be Ecology as well, but there are plenty of documentarians dealing with Astronomy and Ecology nowadays, so there is not a lack of media content in that field as there is in the other Earth sciences.
The knowledge of the place in which we live and how all of its components are interrelated, is of vital importance and should be regarded as crucial for understanding the world. Zemia Media aims at producing compelling media content to let everyone discover this thanks to visual explanations by using relevant imagery and animations.